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Greyhound Measuring
Greyhound Measuring
 Measuring for Coats
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Collar Sizing Info
How to Measure and fit a Martingale collar:

To find the size most appropriate for your dog, take these measurements using a soft tape measure:

1) Around the mid-part of the neck, just where you want the collar to lie from A to B and back around to A again. 

2) Around the widest part of the head, just in front of the ears from C to D and back around again. This measurement is most important if the collar is for a non-sighthound. This is the biggest part of the skull.

Sizing for Martingale Collars

1 1/2" collar adjusts to fit neck sizes 12"-18"

2"collar adjusts to fit neck sizes 12"-18"

Just a note about sizing...If you require larger or smaller collar than what I have listed, please e-mail me as I can easily custom size almost any collar.

Selecting an appropriate width for your hound

2" collars work well for most averaged sized male greyhounds or larger females.

The 1.5" widths are wonderful for the averaged sized female greys or smaller males as well as for males that may be larger but have shorter necks.

 Adjusting your Martingale collar
To ensure your collar is properly adjusted, move the collar up to the narrowest part of the neck and pull upwards on the control loop (the part the D-ring is attached to). The two metal slides should come together but not touch. You should have at least a two finger distance between the two slides. This will ensure the collar will continue to tighten should the dog back up, preventing the collar from slipping off.

Start behind  front legs, measure girth around chest at widest pointfrom C to D and back around to C
Start at middle of shoulder blades and measure the distance to the base of tail, from A to B
From C to D 
From A to B
 Measuring for Collars
If you are unsure of the correct size, the information above should be emailed directly to Dawn to insure a proper fit. Most females are size Medium while most males are a size Large