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Help & F A Q
Help & F A Q
Q) What is a Martingale collar?

A) A martingale collar, sometimes called a “humane or limited choke ” was originally designed for sighthounds because of their unique structure where their heads are smaller than their necks. In a regular buckle type collar, they would simply back out of it. Martingale collars are designed so that if your dog attempts to back out of the collar, a separate second piece of the collar will tighten and they are not able to slip out of the collar. They are sewn in a permanent circle and are made to slip on over the dog's head (there are no fasteners). Adjusted correctly, it will not constrict to a size smaller than the dog's throat; therefore, it will not continue to tighten, or "choke" the dog. The amount of ‘choke’ can be controlled, and the design of the collar provides for even pressure to the dog’s neck rather than pulling at the throat. No choking, just safety! Martingale collars come in many designs, and can be made of many materials, including webbing, fabric, and leather. You can use a martingale collar on any breed of dog, and they can be custom made to suit your pet. They can be plain or fancy, for everyday use or for outings. Martingale collars are made in several widths from 1” to 2”. The wider the collar, the more support is given to the dog’s neck.  

Tags should never be placed on the “D” ring of martingale collars. If a dog should accidentally catch the tags on a grate, etc, the collar will tighten and could injure your dog. Please place tags on the side slide. 

Q) What size collar does my dog need?

A) Greyhounds Puttin’ On The Glitz martingale collars fit most greyhounds. For other breeds, PLEASE see measurement page!

Q) How do I adjust a Martingale collar?

A) Pull the Martingale collar snug around the narrow point of the neck (usually just behind the ears), adjust the collar so that when you pull up on the D-Ring,the slides on either side of the loop do not touch.  Check the fit periodically, a loose collar could allow the dog to back out of it. When adjusted properly the collar should be difficult to slip off the dog's head. 

Q) How wide should the collar be for my Greyhound?

A) Width is largely a personal choice, but wider collars are usually more comfortable and provide greater support. Thinner collars look better on shorter necks.

2" collars work well for most averaged sized male greyhounds or larger females.

The 1.5" widths are wonderful for the averaged sized female greyhounds or smaller males 

Q) How Do I Care For My Martingale Collar?

A) Inspect collars frequently to make sure the stitching is intact in order to keep your pet is safe at ALL times!  To Clean, first take a lint brush to remove hair on the velvet lining, then collars can be soaked overnight using cold water and liquid dish detergent. Rinse with cold water. Hang to dry. 
Do not dry clean or bleach.

If a thread should become loose on the decorative trim due to scratching etc. Trim thread as close as possible, then carefully run a burning match close to the area to finish off the end.

Q) How Do I Care For Fleece Coats, Fleece Lined Coats, Fleece Snoods, And P.J.'s?

A) Wash on Delicate Cycle using Cold Water....Tumble Dry Low. Do not dry clean or bleach.

Q) How Do I Care For Waterproof, Breathable, Windproof, Jackets?
A) Machine wash warm - Gentle cycle. Rinse twice with cold water.  Partially machine dry on low,
 remove promptly . Do not dry clean or bleach.

Q) Who is Greyhound Rescue and Rehabilitation?

A) Greyhound Rescue & Rehabilitation (GRR) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit adoption/placement organization comprised of volunteers, dedicated to raising public awareness about the ex-racing Greyhound; their gentle & loving nature, wonderful disposition and suitability as pets and companions. Our geographic focus is Westchester, Putnam and Rockland Counties, NY and Fairfield County, CT. GRR is committed to rescuing Greyhounds and with the help of foster families, acclimating the dogs to a home environment and preparing them for adoption. We find suitable and loving homes where the Greyhounds will be members of the family, and provide our adopting families with support and assistance as needed, as well as a network of other local Greyhound owners.

We are happy to help locate adoption groups in other parts of the country for anyone interested in adopting.

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